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School KeysWay up to SnowdonWalking up snowdonPurple flowersSeagulsMeteora
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A bit of this, that and the other…

Whatever I like, I either commit to memory, sketch or lazily capture on cameras…


x FJ x

© fatima jamadar |

I decided to add some of my photos to this blog.
your comments are welcome…
You can even rate them at the bottom 🙂
should you like to use any,
please ask.

Sometimes I set out to capture something
in particular but mostly,
‘it’ captures me!
It might catch my eye,
make smile, or even do a double take.
I do it for pleasure and at times,
I incorporate them into
my work or use it for inspiration.
I love the composition, colours and textures
(experimenting/creating shapes with night photos)

Above all, it is some sort of moment in my life
that I would most like to capture.
A narrative that places me in a certain time
and mental/emotional frame.

Norfolk’s red tuktuk

Thank you for looking!
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