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So, among my many loves, I have a huge love for Letterpress!

I cannot imagine a world without it. It would be colourless and most importantly, texture-less and that, in itself is a crime that cannot go noticed (or unpunished for that matter! To the guillotine I say!). For me to truly experience something, it has to be both visually and tactile (oh, and sometimes by smell! especially little goodies meant for my tummy!). I have a habit of touching everything, I have to constantly remind myself not to when I am in a museum. No, really… I stick a thumb under my satchel strap, easing it’s weight off and the other hand holds the exhibition guide.

Anyway, I have been keeping an eye on a letterpress machine for years now. It’s so tempting especially when recently a friend offered it to me for a hundred odd quid!! How do you resist the temptation of creating beautiful, tactile, paper goodies?! I’ll tell you how, live in a small place! Currently over-run by Arthur Roy Fisk (my beauuutiful drawing table, pre-owned by lovely Claire daughter of Roy Fisk, a Lincoln based artist), Bertha– My small but heavy Victorian press, Ben– My lil’ table for the digital stuff… amongst hundreds of books and little knickknacks I have lovingly accumulated over the years and stuffed into this little room! So, you see, adding a tabletop letterpress would be me literally bursting at my seams, so to speak!

And so, I decided to do letterpress without the ‘Press’! Yes… I cheated… But.. but… what can I do? I haven’t the budget or space (yet!)

A friends’ birthday was coming up so I thought I’d give a try… and this is what I managed… I know, it looks a bit pitiful but, not bad i think considering i had to physically press it between two boards to get any sorta impression! Takes lots of muscle this method… and some patience with the trial and error. However, at the end of it, you’ll have something like a letterpress…

p.s: I’d like to assure you only two metal letterpress letters were ‘hurt’ (actually broken in two!sob!) in this instance. It has been reported to the RSPCLP (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Letterpress Printing). And they recommend, should you have any unwanted tabletop letter-presses, fonts etc give them to me to prevent further metal/wood fonts getting hurt (Including my nails, and fingers…).

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More trial and error this time with a pre-factory made plastic ‘letterpress’. Again, I didn’t have the right machinery to ‘press’ these but you can see the general outcome here…

All this was actually brought about by the thought of wedding invites and a poem I read many years ago, by Edward Estlin Cummings. I have been toying with this poem for a while and wanted to produce it by letterpress. Turns out, it’s pretty expensive and so I resorted to a not so old-fashioned way to produce it. (More to follow in the next blog!) For now, I hope everyone rediscovers this beautiful art of letterpress and I wish to convince future brides/grooms to use letter-press for their wedding stationery, Save the Date cards or even to announce the new arrival of your lil’ ones post wedding dates and dramas etc…

Letterpress for me has an understated elegance- A beauty to look at and appreciate both visually and tactile.


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keys to my heart by fatima jamadar |

I have a fascination with keys and doors. Not every key or door, it has to be old and interesting. I don’t know why, but, part of it must be from early memories of my childhood at my great aunts/uncles house in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar’s doors need no introduction but the locks and their clever, simple locking systems and the keys that lock away such precious items and homes are above all, beautifully crafted and often never seen. Then like many other coastal towns in East Africa, it has the same traditions and cultures as you would find down in Mombasa or Malindi and so are their traditional ‘locks’. I remember friends of the family or local market delivery boys knew how to open the door and secure it back on their way out (without the key!!) and friends who let themselves in and wait for my aunt/uncle in the ‘living room’.

Then there were others who lived up so ‘high’  they would put the key in a hat or basket tied to a rope and lower it to you to let yourself in. I used to look up and think of Rapunzel stuck in a tower but in fact it was only a few flights of stairs to and from the front door but who’s gonna walk up and down eh? Besides, no one really locked their doors then…

Gate fold mini card


Postcards printed on  quality watercolour postcard( ‘The Langton’), 300gsm/140lb

Notelets/ Cards

Various Envelopes

Wall hanging/ Prints on Handmade flower pressed paper

Wrapping Paper (Available in various colours metallic or non-metallic)



Hand cut & printed using non-toxic water based inks, or metallic silver, gold or copper ink, on water colour paper, hand made flower pressed paper, recycled paper, brown ribbed cards etc.

Available in various colours and materials of you choice as greeting cards, postcards or prints for framing, wrapping papers etc.

Please order in advance allowing time for hand-printing, handmade paper and postage etc. For more queries or customisation, please get in touch. Please note, hand printed/painted items, products vary as they are not mass produced on a machine making each item unique in its own rights.
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So, they are finally here…
Arrived on Saturday but had way too much to do and only just got round to taking photographs of the final product which is printed on FSC certified stock, satin coated outside for better colour reproduction (and because I can’t stand gloss (Most of the times!)) leaving the insides uncoated so that you can scribble your lovely wishes!

p.s: Excuse the look of the photos,  I am yet to invest in a ‘photography studio’ ;-p
Skatebirdy, Birds & Bows, Twirling Pines and Fontmas Cards Series

All cards are now available to buy accompanied with a white envelope in various quantities. Please pre-order for delivery in time! 47 Days to get those cards out in time for Christmas!
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