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Sorry folks, been quite busy…

So it’s kinda a late wish for you all to have a wonderful day…

But I don’t believe in a day set aside to loving people in our lives.

I believe in everyday, making the best of those with us and those who accept us, love us and hold our trust above all else…

Living + Loving Everyday!

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>> I was busy making a specially gift for someone who wanted an item from my Blomming & Etsy shop… So here’s the final version. With hand printed wrapping paper and a whole load of love + best wishes!


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Many years ago, sitting in a café, I sketched this as quick and as discreetly as possibly. Whilst having a hot Mocha with a gorgeous, soft, moist slice of crumbly Lemon and Poppy seed cake at a café next door in Norwich where I often went to when I needed to get away from my drawing board (in hindsight, the two reasons I went there was to hide and have some poppy-seed cake with their excellent Mocha! which somehow tasted better from their paper cups! weird… I know!). Every other day, a lovely friendly gentleman would drive up, park it across from St.Andrews and come in to read the paper and have a coffee and we almost always sat next to each other on the same spot over the 3 or so years I spent in Norwich. This piece was a product of keeping a sketchbook (ah… those were the days eh? Those little pleasures you could afford to have… now I struggle to keep a pen/paper in my hand or even find the time for it). But I am hopeful  that one day, I will return to my sketch-a-day habit. Even if it is on an ipad… ;-p

Anyway, years later, here I am. This was my first ever print even before Henry, The Owl. I badly wanted to cut a print and so went through my old sketch books and found this and it brought back all the memories and love I have for a Morris Minor. I later found out at the DeBeauvoir Xmas fair that it was actually a Morris Traveller and not just Morris Minor. Either way, I have fallen in love with these super cute, sturdy little buggers. The traveller even had a back made of wooden ‘slats’. Another reason why it ticked my box- Wood! Now, if only I could get my hands on one… * Sigh!*


© fatima jamadar

© fatima jamadar

© fatima jamadar

© fatima jamadar

© fatima jamadar“Upscaling”/ Printed on recycled cereal box card with Bronze metallic ink

© fatima jamadar

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keys to my heart by fatima jamadar |

I have a fascination with keys and doors. Not every key or door, it has to be old and interesting. I don’t know why, but, part of it must be from early memories of my childhood at my great aunts/uncles house in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar’s doors need no introduction but the locks and their clever, simple locking systems and the keys that lock away such precious items and homes are above all, beautifully crafted and often never seen. Then like many other coastal towns in East Africa, it has the same traditions and cultures as you would find down in Mombasa or Malindi and so are their traditional ‘locks’. I remember friends of the family or local market delivery boys knew how to open the door and secure it back on their way out (without the key!!) and friends who let themselves in and wait for my aunt/uncle in the ‘living room’.

Then there were others who lived up so ‘high’  they would put the key in a hat or basket tied to a rope and lower it to you to let yourself in. I used to look up and think of Rapunzel stuck in a tower but in fact it was only a few flights of stairs to and from the front door but who’s gonna walk up and down eh? Besides, no one really locked their doors then…

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Postcards printed on  quality watercolour postcard( ‘The Langton’), 300gsm/140lb

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Hand cut & printed using non-toxic water based inks, or metallic silver, gold or copper ink, on water colour paper, hand made flower pressed paper, recycled paper, brown ribbed cards etc.

Available in various colours and materials of you choice as greeting cards, postcards or prints for framing, wrapping papers etc.

Please order in advance allowing time for hand-printing, handmade paper and postage etc. For more queries or customisation, please get in touch. Please note, hand printed/painted items, products vary as they are not mass produced on a machine making each item unique in its own rights.
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