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Yup, you read it right! 10 designs, 2 of each from the Birds & Bows series, Twirling Pine as well as Fontmas Card design.

So what if it was a mate? Who’s judging? ;-p (Actually, I am!)

To make it a bit special seeing that paypal was playing up and I had my ‘first order’, I decided, none the less, I’ll give it the attention I would have given to an actual customer. Gifts are great but it does make a difference how we treat it; The packaging and delivery are a sort of charm. After all, you wouldn’t  pop a ring for your fiancé on any odd food item but maybe in champagne (definitely not in runny eggs, no matter how much she loves a good breakfast). The way it is presented, down to the smallest details, matters (to me). I want people to open their purchase and go: oooo…ahhhh…  oww that is sweeeet…

I’m big on not just buying an item but the buying into the brand. The first thing people see is the packaging before trying to guess what it could be and often badly wrapped items be they bought from a shop or handmade gifts, are a right turn off. You wouldn’t want clothes you just bought chucked into any bag and handed to you! so you see, you buy the item and the experience too. Hence my personalised approach of:

Handcut & printed wrapping paper, inner (tissue) wrapping paper, gift tags (recycled fabric), A note of thanks for good custom and maybe a freebie thrown in to showcase your work.

Here’s what I did:


A Big Thank you for my ‘first order’!


Drop me line to order or buy Online store at


Thank you for looking! x
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Please order in advance allowing time for hand-printing, handmade paper and postage. For more queries or customisation, please get in touch. Please note, hand printed/painted items, products vary as they are not mass produced on a machine making each item unique in its own rights.
So, they are finally here…
Arrived on Saturday but had way too much to do and only just got round to taking photographs of the final product which is printed on FSC certified stock, satin coated outside for better colour reproduction (and because I can’t stand gloss (Most of the times!)) leaving the insides uncoated so that you can scribble your lovely wishes!

p.s: Excuse the look of the photos,  I am yet to invest in a ‘photography studio’ ;-p
Skatebirdy, Birds & Bows, Twirling Pines and Fontmas Cards Series

All cards are now available to buy accompanied with a white envelope in various quantities. Please pre-order for delivery in time! 47 Days to get those cards out in time for Christmas!
Thank you for looking! x
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The whirling pine first started with the idea of a dervish and on trying to draw it, I accidentally, ended up with a lovely effect of over lapping curves. It was also one of my first attempts at making xmas cards for clients which I quickly ditched in favour of carving and hand printing my very own greetings cards. I will upload those when I find a way to photograph them well.

For now, here are my twirling /whirling pine. I imagine them screen printed (on a square format of course! “Surprise, surprise!”). Purely to give it a layering of inks creating new colours from transparent inks and when you run your finger over it,I love the texture of the silk that is left imprinted in the print it self.

Remember, you can order a personal colour combination or a ‘pick-n-mix’ selection as a box of 25 or 50… or just the one? (I am not here to judge you by how many friends you have on your xmas list 😉 promise!)

Please allow considerable amount of time to print and post. For more details, please get in touch!

Thank you for looking! x