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To my little online store. I am a designer and during my free time I love to keep busy by making little prints here and there from my little room on a busy street in London. I was raised in Kenya and have a very Jua Kali* attitude to what I make hence the recycling or ‘upscaling’ as they now call it. I like using recycled paper and fabrics in my prints as well as good quality papers ethically sourced and excellent handmade papers (some even have bits actual flowers in it!!)

My materials are:
typography, letter-press, screen prints, wood cut, lino, pen and ink, water colours, handmade paper, recycled paper, fabrics or found materials, toxic free water based inks on all stationery and sometimes specialised inks, high quality papers and a whole lot of love and soul!

Postage: I post the artwork in hard-backed envelopes via our lovely Royal Mail (U.K) and postage varies. So get in touch before you buy please or if you need an item customised or posted abroad. I don’t stock much as I like to prepare it when a customer requests it so every single piece ends up being a special treat from me to you! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have making it! There’s more to me, but am not much of a writer so if you’d like to know more, please feel free to drop me a line! or even go mad and write me an old-fashioned note… I can even supply the stationery! ;-p

To order, inquire or just to say ‘hello!’, drop me a line through the handy comment form on this website or,

face book: Samphire Arts (

Online store:

on or Coriander

Remember, I am a person not a software so please allow some time before you fire away another e-mail. I will get back to you as quick as is humanly possible (unless you can bribe me with good caffeine and get me to work faster).

*Jua Kali literally means ‘Hot Sun’ in Swahili it is/was a thriving industry in Kenya as I was growing up. Run by individuals who made goods out of metal, wood etc giving new life to materials and providing functional affordable goods for Kenyan Households.
*Karibu! – Welcome!

Thank you for looking!


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