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Yup, so it’s been a while…

But here’s something I’ve been working on- Adapting a lot of my work for Digital formats as well as items produced independently with my illustrations etc. In this case, Ipad 1/2 as well as Kindle and Nook etc. Covers ( for my first try in the form of my first print- the Brogues. I thought I’d try this simple one before I apply my other designs…) Others images are used as Wallpapers (Phones & Computer Desktop images). Here’s what an Ipad cover would look like. And of course, like my other prints, this too was hand cut and printed prior to being digitised.

I’d be lying if I’d say I’m not pleased… I’m embarrassingly chuffed to bits actually… just can’t decide which one to use for my own! tihehehe… 😀

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•For Wallpaper/Desktop images, drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you one!

Yup, it’s free… just ask…  😉

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for Henry the Owl (print) on Blomming by the fabulous Alessia Fabri at






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