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Posted on: November 8, 2010

Henry, is a young Owl whose mother died or left under mysterious circumstances that no one knows about. All he has of her is a woolly jumper she knit for him to keep him warm as an Owlet. It has a red stain on it and a furry collar made from her very own small, soft under wing feathers.

Henry is a happy, playful and considerate owl but with every sunset, his heart sinks and sometimes it makes him cry and the red stain on his jumper turns bright and glows and takes on a shape no one in the forest has seen. You see, Henry is the only Owl in the forest that is afraid of the dark and all the nightly creatures and critters that come out to play laugh at Henry…

Henry was first painted using various mediums (watercolours, pen&ink etc) on acid free 300gsm watercolour paper

Hand cut and printed using non-toxic water based high quality printing inks on 300gsm acid free water colour paper. Available as postcards, greeting cards or as a print for framing. Please specify colour preference if any.


Original hand painted Henry on 300gsm water color paper available as a postcards or Reproduction Print available to buy as a print for framing (all prints are sold unframed/mounted unless specified)

Please note: For hand printed/painted items, products vary as they are not mass produced on a machine making each item unique in its own rights. Please see the next post to choose type of paper, ink colour etc.

Thanks for looking!


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