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This is the first digital version of my birds series which started as pen and ink drawings and progressed to this. There is an ‘immediacy’ or ‘fluidity’ that adds character to a drawing made in ink that I cannot capture (yet) digitally. I suppose that is also because every stroke and mistake I make with ink, I cannot undo and in the process, build up an image. Or maybe, I am making excuses because my love for brush & ink is far bigger than my digital needs…

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I have had making them.




Birds & Bows Part 2



Birds&Bows Part 1

Birds & Bows Part 1

Birds & Bows Part 1

Today’s inspiration came from a gift given to me by a friend and colleague who loves all things typographic.

It reads:

The lettermaker of the twentieth century

has not got to be an inventor of letter

forms but simply a man of intelligence

and good will.

Whether in stone, wood, paint or metal

The common problem, yours mine, everyone’s,

is–not to fancy what were fair in life

Provided it could be–but, finding first

What may be, then find out how to make it fair

and the word fair can be taken in both its

senses–it means both beautiful and just






p.s: the yellow looked much better before and, won’t it look lovely screen-printed? Yum…

Now available for purchase, as a large postcard* or as a print for framing on your walls? Price: £1.50 (excl. p+p and comes unmounted/unframed).

**  please note this is a print and the original hand-painted version is only available on commission. For more details, drop me a line! ta!